Canteen Menu

Mirboo North Secondary College Canteen

There are a few changes to the way the canteen operates due to COVID – 19, mainly for the Secondary College.

 For the Primary School there are no changes to the ordering process
 For the Secondary College you will have to order your food, orders can be placed in the box, at the front window of the canteen
 Change will be given upon collection of your order
 Orders can be for recess, lunch or both. Bags will be available upon request
 Family Orders can include siblings from both schools
 Please include your name and grade/year level in your lunch order
 All orders to arrive before Period 1
 Counter Sales will only be for pre-made sandwiches, snacks and drinks

This may take a little getting used to but we hope in the not to distant future to be able to do counter sales for all food, but orders have always been advised.

Thank you from your School Canteen Staff and Helpers.

Canteen pricelist 2020