Laptop Portal

There are three options:

*College preferred option

(Option 1*) Purchase a recommended device from our preferred supplier – Edunet.

Mirboo North Secondary College has successfully partnered with Edunet for several years and we continue work with them as our official netbook device supplier.

They are a reputable company that have been tested and approved by the Department of Education and Training and they offer several products for entry level, mid-level, and advanced computing.

We highly recommend that you purchase your device through Edunet. The school technicians are unable to provide any software or hardware support to any devices that have not been purchased through our supplier.

The Edunet ordering portal has been specifically designed for school environments. The online portal is a step-by-step system allowing you to select your device, accessories (if applicable), extended warranty and insurance. They offer flexible payment methods and will ship the device directly to the school in a secure and timely manner.

Where a device has been bought through Edunet, additional support will include:

  • Assistance with warranty claims and repairs
  • Full support with hardware & software issues
  • A suite of free preloaded software and device imaging.
  • Opting into our Managed BYOD program provides your child with uninterrupted access to a device for the device duration. If there is a warranty or insurance claim where your device is no longer functioning, a loan device is available, from the library, on an as needed basis for use during classes when required.
  • If there is a warranty or insurance claim where the device is no longer functioning, a loan device is available from the library, on an as-needed basis for use during classes when required.

To learn more about Edunet please view the following YouTube video. Click Here

Note: The specification for our minimum level device has been increased so that the laptops are more able to cope with the growing demands required.

2024 Edunet Specifications and letter


Link to Edunet Portal.

Laptop Portal