Values & Vision

Our Values

We place great emphasis on the development of skills to equip students to adapt to their future roles in society and develop commitment to their community.

At Mirboo North Secondary College our students will be encouraged to:

  • be personal/self-managers of their own learning
  • reach beyond their personal best
  • connect with their learning through the responsible use of modern technologies
  • work independently whilst being active team members
  • use initiative and solve problems in innovative ways
  • be able to communicate effectively and appropriately
  • act responsibly, be community minded and demonstrate leadership skills
  • Reach their potential and be proud of their achievements

We encourage and support our students in the pursuit of excellence.

Our core values are:

RESPECT – showing care and concern for other people and property

TRUST – being fair, honest and trustworthy. Being responsible for your own actions and behaving in a responsible manner

PRIDE – being proud of your achievements and the achievements of others in the school and the wider community.

This is demonstrated by the following behaviours:

  • Showing respect for all school community members
  • Being responsible for your own actions
  • Being an active learner
  • Following school policies and guidelines
  • Representing the school in an exemplary manner