Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to Mirboo North Secondary College.

We are a co-educational secondary college nestled in the Strzelecki Ranges that has a proud academic history and we continue to provide a well-rounded and quality education for all our students in this 21st of learning.

Every student at our college can experience success and we value the many different pathways that they each want to pursue in life. We also appreciate that we must equip them with a range of skills that are transferable across a broad spectrum of industries and which can be built further upon as they grow in their years beyond secondary education. To this end, our teachers understand that no two students are the same and their focus is on teaching the individual no matter where they are on the learning continuum. They are adaptable and flexible and ensure that all students have equal opportunity to develop and progress in the classroom and beyond.

Our inclusive learning environment aims to see that all students can be the best versions of themselves and we strive to always foster a supportive and caring atmosphere, where students can be then challenged to grow and improve. We believe that all students can develop and achieve success across a range of curricular and co-curricular activities and that by setting high expectations, it empowers them and inspires their confidence to take on responsibility for their own learning progress.

Our end goal is to ensure that students experience significant learning growth, particularly with respect to their literacy and numeracy skills. But whilst we acknowledge the fundamental importance of this goal, we also understand that students want a positive experience at school and to be happy. We know that the happier the student, the more likely it is that they will experience success at school, so we also aim to make learning fun and look to celebrate successes at every possible moment, no matter how big or small.

We are committed to seeing that every student at Mirboo North Secondary College receives a high-quality education, has the opportunity to experience success and develops a positive disposition to lifelong learning during their time with us.

As the Principal of our college, I appreciate that the single most important factor for a student’s success at school is a quality teacher and it is why as a staffing team, we are focused on better understanding what it means to be an outstanding teacher and more importantly on ensuring all our teachers are learners themselves.

Our current and sustained focus of learning for our staff is to improve our capacity to develop student’s literacy skills across all areas of the curriculum. We undertake regular professional learning to see that teachers have the most up to date information and strategies that they can employ in their classrooms and we are constantly all striving toward school-wide consistency in approach being achieved.

We are enjoying our learning journey together and invite you to make contact with us to see it in action for yourself.

I am proud to be the Principal of our college and trust that the information contained on our website provides you with a real appreciation for the professional approach that we bring to improving every student’s learning experience.


College Principal