The Wellbeing of our students is of utmost importance here at MNSC.

The Wellbeing Team, led by our Student Wellbeing Coordinator and Assistant Principal runs a range of programs to support our students providing confidential and caring student counselling and support when required. We are exceptionally proud of our pro-active model that assists in guiding our students.

This team meet regularly to review student priorities and are engaged in developing classroom practices and programs that assist student health and wellbeing, as we believe this is key to providing students with the best learning environment.

Our Wellbeing Programs

A wide range of extra curricular activities is offered to connect students with their learning and the school. These include an extensive sports program, instrumental music tuition, school bands, homework club and a range of international study tours. A team of teachers develops student engagement programs outside the classroom including lunchtime activities, clubs and Youth Week activities.

This school gives a high priority to student voice and run Middle School Council, Senior School Council and student forums at Years 10, 11 & 12. Students in these forums play an active role in developing and contributing to the school program. This provides valuable leadership opportunities for our students.

During 2015/16, MNSC was fortunate to have a project officer one day per week to develop a whole school approach to positive mental health for staff and students. This enabled us to begin embedding the mental health framework, Mind Matters (now known as BeYou), into our classrooms as well as developing appropriate support for staff welfare. This learning is incorporated into our Health programs as part of the curriculum throughout years 7 – 10. Students in years 11 & 12 have specifically designed health programs to meet the needs of our senior students.

The team includes:

  • Student Wellbeing Coordinator – Gail Lamb-Hale
  • Principal and Assistant Principal
  • Middle and Senior School Leaders
  • School Nurse (3 days per fortnight)
  • Mental Health Nurse (3 days per fortnight)
  • DET – School support officers
  • Psychologists and Social Workers

They are all supported by external agencies as required, including (but not limited to) DFFH, Berry Street, Headspace, Anglicare Victoria and Quantum Support Services



If your friend is not OK – headspace fact sheet

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