About Mirboo North Secondary College

Mirboo North Secondary College has a proud academic history and is enormously proud of the students that have achieved these results. Mirboo North Secondary College have always offered a diverse range of co-curricular activities including Sport, Music, Landcare, Library and Language. With the recent inclusion of the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) students are able to tailor their own course, suited to their needs, whilst studying at the school. Students are also able to access VET certificates from a registered training provider which will give individuals the necessary qualifications or skill such as Cert I, II,III or IV in their chosen vocation.

Our team of dedicated teachers are passionate about helping students with their learning. All teaching staff are qualified in their areas of expertise and are competent, capable and innovative in their practice catering for the needs of all students. In addition there are a range of support staff that work with the school community to assist in the best outcomes for our students.

MNSC and its Community

The School has close ties with the community and are often taking part with community initiatives. The year Nines spend a lot of time within the community learning with the aged care, primary school and Landcare. This time helps students to develop a sense of self and how we as a group or an individual may better serve our community.

Our Middle School supports and transitions students into our college whilst reinforcing the core values of trust, respect and pride. Students undertake a well sequenced orientation program that supports and builds student confidence, ensuring a smooth and supported transition to secondary school. Our Year 10 Peer Support students play a key role in this program and all students who take on this role undertake training with our H/PE staff.

Mirboo North Secondary College draws students from a wide geographic area and we welcome all our delightful students into our vibrant learning community.

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MNSC Annual Report 2022

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MNSC Annual Implementation Plan 2022

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