Digital Learning

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all students and members of our school community understand:

  • our commitment to providing students with the opportunity to benefit from digital technologies to support and enhance learning and development at school including [our 1-to-1 personal device program or insert other appropriate programs as relevant to your school]
  • expected student behaviour when using digital technologies including the internet, social media, and digital devices (including computers, laptops, tablets)
  • the school’s commitment to promoting safe, responsible and discerning use of digital technologies, and educating students on appropriate responses to any dangers or threats to wellbeing that they may encounter when using the internet and digital technologies
  • our school’s policies and procedures for responding to inappropriate student behaviour on digital technologies and the internet
  • the various Department policies on digital learning, including social media, that our school follows and implements when using digital technology
  • our school prioritises the safety of students whilst they are using digital technologies